• Don't buy a car. Just rent it

    Don't pay for car ownership but just for usage.

    As we've gone through the campus' accessibility pain: this offer is tailored for students at HEC.


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    Flexibility: car rental starting from 1 month

    You first chose your contract duration : 1, 3, 6, 12 or 18-months plan.

    After the end of initial duration, you just continue paying each month your lease payments as per usual until you ask to end (1-month notice)

    • Staying 16 months for an MBA? We have a solution.
    • Need a car during your 6-months internship ? We have a solution.
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    Choose the make and model you like

    According to your needs and budget, choose the car you want.

    All our cars are in mint condition, serviced and guaranteed.

    Most of our cars have less than 2 years and/or less than 40,000 kilometers.


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    Pay less

    Buying a new car is a piece of nonsense as the car loses a lot of value during the 3 first years. Choosing a ZencarZ car will enable you to save up to 20 to 40% from your car monthly spendings.

    With no upfront!

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    A full range of services options: choose yours!

    • Home delivery: your car is delivered at your place
    • Car servicing and maintenance: don't miss any log book servicing with our option. Our service can also include tyres replacement. It is possible to come for the car at your home or work and take it back after all the necessary is done.
    • Insurance: we can provide you an insurance to be fully covered against the main risks: loss/damage/collision. But you can chose your own insurance if you prefer: you're free.
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    Save money on your instalments

    and help the planet.

    A car is not used during 90 percent or more of the time.

    With Zencarz, you can save money with peer-to-peer car rental on Drivy, Ouicar or Koolicar. You collect the entire income and then finance all or a part of your lease payments.


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